About Us

Established in 2011 with the belief that simpler is better, we help brands leverage cutting edge technology to express themselves and creatively connect with people. We believe that blending Art & Technology yields the most meaningful, enduring & alluring interactive experiences, that the brands and companies who remain single-minded with their voice, yet multi-faceted and innovative with their communications, will be the big winners in a new, hyper-competitive, growingly complex business landscape.

We Create Great Stuff

We Are Recognized Experts

We Bring Positive Results

We make the process of planning and developing your project simple and enjoyable.

We focus on building a professional and lasting business relationship with each one of our clients. At Designer89 we strive to understand your business and work with you to develop the best strategies and solutions for your company. Our team will work hard to personally answer any of your questions in a timely manner.

We Are Multi-Faceted and have the capabilities of providing services including strategic website planning, creative design, web development and Internet marketing like no other.

All of our services are performed by highly-talented individuals. Most importantly, we cut your costs so you won’t have to hire multiple companies to complete your project.

We focus on our client’s primary business goals and the best way to achieve success online. Thanks to our work, our clients see increased website traffic, brand loyalty and new leads.

We are a Creative Studio with a strong belief in digital media. We have a passion for art, fashion, film & music and love to combine it with interactive ideas to help You.

Our Awards

Twenty Twelve

Webby Awards
Nominee: Food & Beverage | Parmalat

OMMA Awards
Finalist: Food & Beverage | Parmalat

Twenty Eleven

Webmaster Awards
Nominee: Designer89 | Webmaster Services

DesignFirms Web Award
Winner: Designer89 | Professional Media & Web Services

Cool Homepages.com Award
Finalist: Designer89 | Professional Web Services

Finalist: Designer89 | Professional Media & Web Services

Two Thousand & Nine

FWA Awards
Winner: Designer89 (CFS) | Flash Media Services

FWA Awards
Winner: Designer89 (CFS) | Flash Web Services

D E S I G N E R - E I G H T Y - N I N E

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