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Bonjour, I’m Vik. I was born in Mauritius and raised in Toronto, Canada. I build various web-applications, systems and tools; resource management, planning and tracking systems, eCommerce tools, portals and sites predominantly using WordPress. Most of all I Love Artistic Work such as 2D/3D animation, music production, audio/video editing and different types of “designing” including everything from architectural drafting to video game design to graphical user interfaces.

My clients have been anyone & everyone, from Really Big to really small, from companies abroad to stores at the mall… Winter to Spring, Summer and Fall, when they want results “Vik” Do They Call! 😮 I’m innately gifted in the art of poetry as I’m sure you’ve noted and also blessed with a sense of humor, software development skills, computer hardware knowledge and systems support experience. I work well under pressure and have the ability to manage multiple tasks while remaining focused and practical. Given my diverse experience across multiple industries and several roles, I have acquired excellent communication and interpersonal skills, in simple terms, I love working with people to improve life for all, working towards a true purpose.

As the Eighty Ninth graduate from the Delta III program at Sheridan College, a study to seamlessly merge artistry with functionality, I established Designer89 in 2011 with the belief that simpler is better while aimed at leveraging cutting edge techniques to engage and creatively connect with people. Blending Art & Technology can yield the most meaningful, enduring and alluring interactive experiences. I help brands remain firm with their message, while multi-faceted and innovative with their approach in a new, hyper-competitive, complex business landscape.

If your wish is to be distinctive, I’m the “round peg” thinking outside the stereotypical “square box.”

Either I will find a way or I will create a way but I will not create an excuse, I’m always a team player, customer focused, flexible and positive with proven experience managing complex businesses, technologies and relationships. I’m able to manage and prioritize multiple activities, workloads and objectives, willing to learn and undertake new challenges, accurate in assessing peoples’ needs and priorities with an emphasis on self-improvement. To summarize, you should really hire me! 😉

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Twenty Twelve

Webby Awards
Nominee: Food & Beverage | Parmalat

OMMA Awards
Finalist: Food & Beverage | Parmalat

Twenty Eleven

Webmaster Awards
Nominee: Designer89 | Webmaster Services

DesignFirms Web Award
Winner: Designer89 | Professional Media & Web Services

Cool Homepages.com Award
Finalist: Designer89 | Professional Web Services

Finalist: Designer89 | Professional Media & Web Services

Two Thousand & Nine

FWA Awards
Winner: Designer89 (CFS) | Flash Media Services

FWA Awards
Winner: Designer89 (CFS) | Flash Web Services

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